Zoo website design & development

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A zoo's website should be as captivating as the in-person experience, entice visitors by showcasing exhibits and providing educational content.

A zoo’s website can be a critical tool for engaging visitors, showcasing exhibits, and providing just enough information to entice people to come and visit!

We specialise in designing and developing stunning user-friendly websites that are tailored to the unique needs of zoos.

Here’s why investing in a high-quality website with us is essential and why we are particularly suited to bringing your zoo’s digital presence to life.

Engaging visitor experience

A zoo’s website should be as engaging and captivating as the in-person experience.

We create visually appealing and interactive websites that draw visitors in from the moment they arrive. Using high-quality images, videos, and interactive elements, we can bring the wonders of your zoo to the digital world.

We can build a seamless intuitive navigation, and we'll ensure visitors are engaged and immersed with beautiful page and view transitions. Your users will be able to easily find information about animal exhibits, visiting hours, ticket purchasing, and upcoming events, enhancing their overall experience.

Showcasing animal exhibits

One of the primary functions of a zoo's website should be to showcase its animal exhibits.

We excel in designing pages that highlight your zoo’s unique wildlife. We can incorporate high-resolution images, videos, and detailed descriptions of each exhibit, allowing visitors to learn about the animals before they visit.

Interactive elements, such as virtual tours and live webcams, can provide an immersive experience, sparking curiosity and excitement.

So your content can be easily edited and managed, we'll hook your website up with a CMS, making content edits for text, images, and pages a breeze from an editor-friendly UI. Expecting a lot of content? We've got you covered as content-heavy websites are one of our specialities!

Promoting conservation and education

Zoos play a vital role in conservation and education. We understand the importance of these missions and integrate them seamlessly into your website.

We can create dedicated sections for conservation efforts, educational programs, and research initiatives. By including multimedia content such as documentaries, interviews, and interactive educational modules, we can help you convey the importance of your work and engage your audience in meaningful ways.

Seamless ticketing and membership integration

A user-friendly and efficient ticketing system is crucial for any zoo's website.

We can integrate robust ticketing solutions; integrating features like membership sign-ups, family passes, and mobile ticketing to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for your visitors.

Additionally, we can integrate intuitive donation portals to support your fundraising efforts and make it easy for visitors to contribute to your conservation projects.

Enhancing marketing and outreach

Your zoo’s website should be and can be a powerful marketing tool.

We'll ensure to include all the relevant SEO; it'll be in a position to rank well in the SERPs with Technical SEO included as standard (and optionally On-Page SEO), it'll be blazing fast to load and served from a global CDN, marked up with all the relevant Schema, and we'll also help optimise your Local SEO.

We can support your marketing efforts by creating bespoke landing pages for lead generation (optionally linked up with the CMS) and custom web form journeys to capture user data. We can also integrate email newsletter sign-up forms and promotional banners, and integrate your favourite analytics tools to help you track visitor behaviour and measure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Lacking marketing collateral to effectively promote your business on digital channels (like social media) or by traditional means? We can design brochures and flyers, posters and banners, presentations, and more that perfectly align with your branding.

Bespoke solutions and continuous support

We recognise that every zoo has its own unique identity and requirements. Our team can work closely with you to understand your vision and goals, creating a website that truly reflects your brand and enhances your operational efficiency.

Furthermore, we provide fully-managed hosting with continuous support and maintenance, and we offer various monthly retainers, ensuring your website and its content remain up-to-date and fully functional, allowing you to focus on delivering an outstanding visitor experience.

As well as bespoke website/app designs, we're able to craft beautiful logos, and design brands and visual identities, covering all your graphic design needs.

Proven expertise

We've established a reputation for excellence. Our clients appreciate our ability to blend creativity with elegant technical proficiency, delivering websites that are not only beautiful but also highly functional and maintainable.

A well-designed website is crucial for engaging your audience, promoting conservation efforts, and enhancing your marketing strategies.

You'll be investing in a digital presence that will captivate your visitors, promote your mission, and drive your zoo’s success.

Capture the magic of your zoo and ensure your venue shines both online and offline by partnering with us; get started today by sending a quick brief about your project and needs.