Effective ecommerce website/app design & development

Sell your stuff online from your own website's shop

Effective ecommerce website/app design & developmentEffective ecommerce website/app design & developmentEffective ecommerce website/app design & developmentSell your stuff online from your own website's shopSell your stuff online from your own website's shopYou are here:  Home > Service > Effective Ecommerce

Display your wares on the web with your own shop, and let the orders roll in.

You might ask why invest in your own online store when there are proprietary 3rd-party marketplace platforms available (such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.).

Well, there are many benefits to having your own webshop. Which include reducing your dependency on said platforms and building it into a valuable business asset that remains in your control, building a loyal customer base and having direct communication with your users, having full control and flexibility, setting the rules yourself, standing out with branded content, providing a better user experience, and of course, keep more profit in your pocket with lower fees.

Whether you're looking to tack on a webshop to your website, or you need a standard ecommerce website, we can design and develop micro to medium-sized solutions.

We use a popular powerful open-source alternative to the proprietary Shopify platform, Medusa, as the platform to power our ecommerce functionality, there you'll be able to manage all your products for your shop.

Why "Effective ecommerce"? We know how important it is for ecommerce sites to convert visitors to sales, we think we're pretty good at making the user's experience smooth, enjoyable, and an overall pleasant and great experience; perfect for maximum conversions.

Service steps

Step 1

We'll work with you to take your vision and bring it to life with a creative bespoke design, wow-factor included.

Step 2

Once you're happy with it, we'll develop it into a custom high-quality interactive web experience, with your required functionality.

Step 3

If you need any extra services, such as brand design or marketing collateral, let us know and we'll deliver on that in 1 & 2 too.

Step 4

All that's left then is to deploy your new website into production. We'll handle the hosting and maintenance for you.

  • Edit content yourself (CMS included)
  • Hosting fully managed for you

We can mix and match our core services; we can add Ecommerce functionality to any website/app we build for you, or add Website or Web App functionality to Ecommerce, visit our service pages on them for more information and just let us know your requirements.

Regarding complex backend requirements:

We're unable to offer heavy backend development as a service, regarding the backend we have a very light touch. We're only able to offer fairly standard backend functionality. We recommend businesses that have more complex backend requirements to either hire someone (or a team) in-house who has a more intimate understanding of your company, backend, and infrastructure. Or alternatively, use 3rd-party software/services that cover your unique needs, then we can handle everything on the front-end, design, and content, and then only interface your backend and integrate when necessary.


Our package

What's included?

Bespoke website/app design

We'll work with you to turn your vision into a top-notch creative website/app design, with all the features and functionality you let us know you require.

Website/app development

We'll turn the website/app design into code, and bring it to life.

CMS integration

You'll be able to edit and update your website/app content (text, images, add/remove pages) yourself, from a clean, editor-friendly, maintainable, and secure CMS (...all unlike some alternative CMS solutions, such as the monolith WordPress!). There'll be no updating of plugins, themes, or dependencies to worry about with our CMS solution — avoiding update and dependency hell. We can also manage it for you with the Retainer for content management addon.

ecommerce (N/A for Ecommerce shop-side).

Technical SEO

We'll ensure your website/app scores great on technical performance tests, loads blazing-fast, and is properly structured with semantic HTML, we'll reduce any graphical assets and code served to your visitors to a tiny number of bytes, and responsively size images so they work great on all devices, and to help Search Engines understand your website/app's content we'll include a sitemap, all the SEO meta tags, and appropriate schema.

Local SEO

If your project or business has physical locations, we'll set your website/app up so Search Engines make you discoverable in your local area.

Global CDN

Your website/app will be served from a global CDN, so it'll be quick to load from anywhere on Earth.

Mobile Responsive design

Your website/app design will adapt to any device width, from mobile (phone or tablet) to desktop size.

Blog integration

As standard your website/app will have built-in support for a blog, if you choose to use it or not is up to you!

Basic email integration

Need your custom email solution's DNS records adding? We can help with the basics.

Basic 3rd party web integrations

We can make any simple 3rd party web integrations, such as including the necessary scripts or code snippets for web analytics or digital marketing.

Basic animations

We'll add some basic animations for your most important pages, such as for when sections come into view after scrolling the page. And we'll add transition animations, for navigation between pages/views or dynamic content.

Browser Testing

We'll ensure the website/app we create for you works great on all major modern web browsers.


Your website/app's code, content, and more will be automatically backed up (and in most cases also versioned). So in the unlikely event something goes wrong, there'll be an earlier version to fall back on.

Security & SSL

Your website/app will have an SSL certificate and will be configured to use HTTPS. We'll make sure to protect your website/app against common security vulnerabilities and prevent spam reaching your inbox from web forms. The architecture we will use for building your website/app is also very secure.

Social sharing support

Your website and webpages will be configured to display nicely when shared on social platforms.

Website/app T&Cs, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Notice

We'll include content for a standard website/app Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, as well as a Cookie Policy and implement a cookie notice popup for your visitors to accept if required.

Managed web hosting and maintenance

Enjoy stress-free blazing-fast hosting. We'll ensure to maintain your website/app so that it remains functional on our end (foregoing any major 3rd party disruptions). We can also make minor website updates, and content changes for you (such as replacing images or updating text).

All the above is included as standard on all packages.

Medusa integration

Manage the shop-side of things including your products yourself from the open-source Medusa ecommerce admin dashboard.


Basic form

Need a basic web form, such as a contact form, so that your visitors can send you a message (with spam-protection)? You'll need this addon.

Form journey

Need to capture user data, but need something more than a standard form? We can design and develop an advanced process for your users to take to capture all the data you need from them.

On-page SEO

We'll optimise your webpage content for Search Engines, optimising for search intent, title tags, internal links, and URLs.

Brand design

Don't already have a visual identity for your brand? Such as a colour palette, typography, visual style, and more? We can create that for you.

Brand guidelines

Need your brand's design written and laid out as guidelines? We can do that for you.

Logo design

Need a carefully crafted logo? We can help with that.

Marketing collateral

Need designs for brochures and flyers, business cards, posters and banners, presentations, and so on? We can help with that.

Email signature

We'll design and develop an HTML email signature for the footer of your emails.

Splash screen

To give a great first impression, and to ensure an elegant loading experience, we'll add a loading splash screen that'll play when someone lands on your website/app.

Advanced animation

Want something more special for your animation effects? Such as for your website/app's splash/loading animation? We can do that.

Something extra special

Looking for a website/app layout or some features that are a bit more extraordinary and a bit less common? That's what you'll get with this addon.

Document design

Need branded document designs, such as for letters and invoices? We can design that for you.

Document template

Need your branded document as web-based dynamic templates, integrated in with the CMS of your website/app? Such as proposals, letters, and so on? They'll have 100% design consistency with your website/app, and we can even re-use components and info from your website/app within them! Also meaning your website/app can be your single source of truth.

Sound effects

Add a bit more life to your website/app with sound effects, such as when clicking elements on the page or navigating.

Landing page

We can create standalone webpages, for you to direct traffic to, such as from an ad campaign or from social media, usually to generate leads.

User signup & login

Need users to be able to login/signup? We'll add that functionality along with login/signup/forgot-password pages.

ecommerce (N/A for Ecommerce. It's included for your shop with Medusa).

White label

We won't include our digital signature on your website/app.

Retainer for content management

Expecting to need a lot of updates to your website/app's content, such as images and text, or many new pages/posts inside an existing layout added/updated? Or just don't want to handle managing the content at all yourself? Let us manage it for you.

Retainer for website/app work

Will you be expecting to need ongoing updates and changes to your website/app features, functionality, layout, and so on? We can cover all that with a monthly retainer.

Retainer for graphic design work

Expecting ongoing graphical design needs? Such as marketing collateral? We've got you covered with a graphic design monthly retainer.

Need something extra not listed here?
Please let us know.

Please acknowledge that any additional requests for a project, that are not covered in your package, will be billed separately on an ad-hoc basis.