Next-Gen Elegant Website/App Design & Development

We're a tiny team of web creators trying our best to create elegant, effective, and wonderful web experiences that evoke a sense of awe

Next-Gen Elegant Website/App Design & DevelopmentNext-Gen Elegant Website/App Design & Development ● Next-Gen Elegant Website/App Design & Development ● We're a tiny team of web creators trying our best to create elegant, effective, and wonderful web experiences that evoke a sense of aweWe're a tiny team of web creators trying our best to create elegant, effective, and wonderful web experiences that evoke a sense of awe   ●   
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Bespoke website/app designWebsite/app developmentCMS integrationTechnical SEOLocal SEOGlobal CDNMobile Responsive designBlog integrationBasic email integrationBasic 3rd party web integrationsBasic animationsBrowser TestingBackupsSecurity & SSLSocial sharing supportWebsite/app T&Cs, Privacy Policy, and Cookie NoticeManaged web hosting and maintenance
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Step 1

We'll work with you to take your vision and bring it to life with a creative bespoke design, wow-factor included.

Step 2

Once you're happy with it, we'll develop it into a custom high-quality interactive web experience, with your required functionality.

Step 3

If you need any extra services, such as brand design or marketing collateral, let us know and we'll deliver on that in 1 & 2 too.

Step 4

All that's left then is to deploy your new website into production. We'll handle the hosting and maintenance for you.


website design and development graphic

Looking for something out-of-this-world to show off your project, let people know what you're about, promote and advertise what services your business offers, or host your blog or some other functionality?

Then maybe we can help. We specialise in creating websites that require something a bit more special. Websites that will help you stand out in the competitive online landscape.

We'll hook the content up with a CMS so you can edit it yourself and update the text and images, or add/remove pages (or we can manage the content updates for you). Need to add PWA or Ecommerce functionaility? We can do that too.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) provide a seamless user experience, in a maintainable format, with ultimate freedom, making them an ideal solution for your next app or to integrate app-like functionality in your website.

They're cost-effective, installable, indexable, accessible by any modern browser, device-agnostic and cross-platform, adapt to any screen size, and linkable — just share the URL like any other website, simple!

We can design and develop micro to medium-sized custom PWA apps and functionality, that have predominately front-end requirements. Just let us know what you need.

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Do ecommerce sites need any introduction? Display your wares on the web with your own shop, and let the orders roll in.

Break free from using proprietary 3rd-party marketplace platforms to sell your goods, provide a better user experience to maximise conversions, and stand out with branded content, all whilst avoiding hefty platform fees.

We can design and develop micro to medium-sized ecommerce websites/apps and solutions. We use a popular open-source Shopify alternative, Medusa, as the platform to power the ecommerce functionality, there you'll be able to manage all your products for your shop.

...or mix and match!



Kind words from our clients

“Wondrous have been excellent from start to finish. We required a unique website design that needed to be created from scratch. They took all the mock-up material we had created and made it come to life. They stuck to our agreed timelines and delivered the work in a seamless way. I can't recommend them more highly. Thank You.”

Tailwind GroupRob Collins, Senior Producer

We're a boutique web design & development agency that provides a premium service to small to medium-sized established businesses, who are serious about their new website/app, and are looking for a long-term solution for their small to medium-sized web project — with the job done right and to a high standard, with a powerful solution and the bonus ability to mix-and-match website/app/ecommerce functionality now or in the future.

We don't like to overcomplicate things, and we've a no-nonsense approach — we strive to provide elegant and refined solutions. We focus on delivering highly executed (predominantly front-end, and design-heavy) animated and interactive next-gen web experiences. When it comes to creativity, we aim for the sweet spot between artistic, impactful, epic, memorable, characterful, and practical, engaging, effective.

We carefully select the tools and services we use to build with, opting for open-source solutions — which we'd also use ourselves — that are future-proof, and that won't leave you with hefty bills and subscriptions.

We'll handle everything that'll ensure your website is best set up for success as standard, and we'll host it for you too. All we require from you is your vision for the design, and to inform us of the features and functionality needed. Simple & stress-free.

On top of that, if you're expecting to need ongoing web design or development work, we can set up a web design monthly retainer to cover it.

Please don't hesitate to send us a quick message with your requirements or questions.

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