Data capture website form design & development

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Need complex forms or multi-step form journeys for your website for effective data capture or lead generation? We can help.

We're a boutique web design & development agency that provides a premium service to small to medium-sized businesses, creating powerful elegant websites and apps.

Some of the powerful functionality we can offer with our websites is custom complex web form design and development, with beautiful smooth transitions, for all your data capture and lead generation needs.

Additionally, we offer bespoke landing page design and development (with integrated CMS, if desired), so you can effectively generate leads and market your products and services.

Complex interactive forms

We can develop user-friendly interactive forms that can handle complex data capture requirements, featuring multi-step processes, conditional logic, and advanced validation.

Whether you need to just capture a small amount of data from your users, perhaps capturing not much more than a name and email address, or you require a complex custom form journey to guide users through a smooth, intuitive data capture process.

We can create tailored user flows to enhance the experience and increase form completion rates, whether for generating leads, collecting feedback, requesting a quote, and more.

We ensure the web forms we create seamlessly transition between stages, steps, and states, with beautiful animations that enhance the form-filling process, provide a wonderful user experience, and are engaging — reducing abandonment rates.

Send the data to an email address, or let us know a 3rd-party service you'd like it sent to.

Bespoke landing pages

Combine your data capture with beautiful bespoke landing pages, that are effective, reflect your brand, and provide a wonderful user experience, whilst also being blazing-fast to load; maximising engagement, lead generation, and conversions.

Read more about our bespoke landing page design and development service.

CMS integration

We fully integrate the websites and apps we build with a CMS; you'll be able to edit the content yourself (or let us manage it for you).

The same can go for our landing pages; whether you need a single layout integrated with the CMS, or a re-usable layout — we can develop that functionality.

Easily manage your forms, from your own website, that perfectly match your brand, without the need for any 3rd party form builder services. Simple!

Applications across various website types

Our custom data capture forms are ideal for:

  • Promotional websites: Capture leads and customer information to boost marketing efforts.
  • Content websites: Allow users to supply specific information, generate instant information based on user-inputted data, or gather user feedback.
  • Portfolio websites: Collect enquiries and client details to expand reach and showcase work.
  • Ecommerce websites: Add data capture forms to the landing pages that you use for marketing your products and services.
  • Web apps: Integrate custom form journeys and processes to cover your business needs.

We blend creativity and elegant technical prowess to deliver functional, visually appealing data capture solutions.

Discover more about our custom website design and development services:

Or, send us your brief for your project, and mention your need for custom data capture or landing pages!